Over 100 km of cycle paths to discover all the advantages of the Ile de Ré !

Whether you want to discover the beaches of the south coast of Bois Plage en Ré or Couarde sur Mer,
the wooded areas of Portes en Ré or even the heritage with Vauban
fortifications in Saint Martin de Ré… there are many routes.

You can download the ILE DE RE TOUR mobile app on your smartphone and use your phone to guide you and navigate Ile de Ré
from north to south.

You will have all the useful tourist information on your phone.

We also have cards available to you at the store.

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No excuse, even for the less athletic because the highest point of the Ile de Ré is 19 m above sea level.

The only element that may be able to slow you down will be the wind, normal we are on an island. And here again,
we have the solution with our range of electrically assisted vehicles.

Do you want to know our favorite tours ? On a half day minimum or a day if you like to take your time.

Itinerary: La Flotte – St Martin de Ré – La Couarde sur Mer – Loix and back

From our bike rental shop in La Flotte, you take the direction of Saint Martin de Ré.

In Saint Martin de Ré, you can plan a shopping stop, ice on the port, discovery of the Vauban fortifications. Then direction, the Couarde sur Mer by a magnificent cycle track which skirts the sea.

You will find several oyster establishments for a tasting break (oysters, shellfish, crustaceans accompanied by a local white wine – to be consumed in moderation). In La Couarde sur Mer, direction Loix.

To reach this small village, you will cross an area of ​​salt marshes. Depending on the season, you will see the salt workers working. At Loix, you will cross a bridge which is at the level of a tide mill. Continue to the center of the village for a break on the church square.

For the return, you can take another track “The salt track” which allows you to go to the ecomuseum of the salt marsh. Then return by Couarde sur Mer – Saint Martin de Ré and arrival at our store in La Flotte For the bravest and if you can plan a full day.

Itinerary: La Flotte – St Martin de Ré – La Couarde sur Mer – Ars en Ré – Saint Clément des Baleines – Les Portes en Ré and back

The start of the circuit and identical to the first until La Couarde sur Mer.Then take the direction of Ars en Ré. You will fall under the spell of its small port and its church with a typical white and black bell tower.

You can take the opportunity to buy your picnic at the market in the morning. Continue your road to Saint Clément des Baleines with a stop at the Phare des Baleines.

If you have the courage and the time to climb to the top, you will enjoy a magnificent view of a sandy beach several kilometers long. Leaving the lighthouse towards Les Portes en Ré, you will cross a wooded area before arriving at the village.

For the picnic and settle on the beach of Grouin. A small cove-shaped beach at the end of the island. It’s time to think about returning to Ars en Ré.

Choose the route through the marshes to cross the bird sanctuary … you are surrounded by nature, it is just magnificent. At the end of this track, you will once again discover the bell tower of Ars en Ré.

You just have to head back to La Couarde sur Mer then Saint Martin de Ré to arrive at the La Flotte store.

Latest recommendations …

Evaluate the distances and the abilities of the whole family before leaving. For the youngest, it is sometimes better to choose a trailer or a follower bike or even electric assistance. And then you are on vacation and you want to relax, it’s normal but don’t forget to respect the traffic rules.

We wish you wonderful discoveries