The Ile de Ré is truly the Island for children, so give them a unique experience to mark the holidays!

Vél Ile de Ré is also a children's paradise !

On the seafront of La Flotte, right next to the playground, from April to September we offer fun and original activities that will delight your children.

You can enjoy these activities from April to early September during school holidays, from 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. These times are given for information only and can be adjusted according to the weather.

Depending on the age and their taste, you can choose the elastic trampoline or the electric car circuit … and why not both to vary the pleasures ?

The elastic trampoline

The activity can be practiced by both children and parents.

For 5 to 7 minutes, attached by a harness to a large structure of 8 meters, you will experience strong sensations with a surprise to finish … but we do not tell you more, it will be necessary to test to discover it.

Above all, don’t forget your camera to capture this moment.

Valentin, a young seasonal worker who grew up on the Ile de Ré and returns every year for the season, has the art of making this moment unforgettable.

The kids love it and wanting more.


Think of the subscription formula! Useful information :

  • One session : 5 euros 
  • Subscription – 7 sessions: 30 euros
  • Subscription – 12 sessions: 50 euros
  • Contraindication: pregnant woman – person with heart problems 
  • For people from 15 to 75 kg